Tuesday, January 19, 2016

October 13, 2015

Well, this was a very interesting week. On Monday, we cleaned the. entire. house. Every piece of furniture in the house, yep, we moved it. And cleaned the storage room, and then put some of the stuff we don't use in it. It's been a weird adjustment, but we decided the harder it is, the more the fung shuy is working. Every time we go to put stuff in the mircowave on top of the fridge where it was, we rejoice. And if I sit too close to the fridge, the door hits my chair. And we're pretty happy. So there's that. But then a couple of rough things happened. Hna B finally got into the doc- she's got tendinitis and has to walk around in..... SNEAKERS!!!!! It's very enjoyable for me, but she just feels awkward. The best part is, the doc told her she had to buy nice, comfy, supportive running shoes. So she has to buy..... NEW BALANCE!!!!! After all the time we spent pickin on E Idaho for his shoe choice. We're (read I'm) pretty excited. She's still a little embarrassed to leave the house. Our investigator, Silvano, totally laughed at her when we pointed it out.

So, don't have a lot of time today. I wish I could tell you everything that went down, but there just is not enough time. So I've picked two stories from the week- one funny and one spiritual. Well, the funny one first-

So, we were talking to E Landeros from Mexico yesterday in the district meeting about teaching us how to make Mexican food today, p-day. So, we decided yesterday that we would make a good plan tomorrow (well, today really). So then flash forward a few hours. It's 10.37 (We have to be in bed at 10.30 and we can't call anybody after 10) and were in bed trying to sleep, and E Landeros calls. And we're like `it's after hours it had better be an emergency.' So this is how the conversation went.
Hermana Long: Hello
Elder Landeros: Hi Hermanas, good night, how are you?
HL: What happened Elder? It's late!
EL: Why? Hermanas, are you sleeping, it's barely 10.30.
HL: Ya, we know. That's why were trying to sleep. We're obedient, you know. Is it an emergency?
EL: Well, obviously Hermana.
HL: Alright, tell us what happened.
EL: Are we still gonna make tacos tomorrow?
HL: Elder, that is not an emergency! We can talk about tacos tomorrow. Good night.

And I hung up on him. And we laughed really hard. What a goof wad!
So now, the spiritual one... so, we're just really learning how to love here in the mission. We've got this investigator, S, the one that we adopted from the Elders when they left us. And we've been teaching him. And we're really learning how to love him, as a brother, as a son of God, to want the best for him. So this week, we've been studying for him, planning for him. We went to his house and tried to get him to go to church. And now we really just love him. And we had a really great lesson with him, a friend of his, and a couple of members. And it was just really great. And I just really love being in the mission, with this opportunity to teach and change peoples lives.
Well, that's all for this week.
Love you!!!!
Hermana Long
PS Ummm, can you send me a little money? My shoes are about to bite the dust and taking care of my comp's foot has tapped out my cash flow...

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