Sunday, January 24, 2016

November 16 & 23, 2015

Well, a few notes from this side of the world.. hna Fasanando came back to claim her bed here in Olavarria- 
Wait- what does this mean? Are you a companionship of three? Are you still with Hna Bindley also? I thought Hna Fasanando was like a training sister? Is she still doing that?
Nope, hna B went to BALCARCE, the famous. Hna Fasanando is a Training Leader, but just for the Hermanas of Tandil and Olavarria... we had to go to Bahia for a meeting, and it almost killed me!

The return of Hna Fasanando

we still don't have elders here or hnas in the other ward, 
So are you crazy busy with the obra? 
Ya, were drowning in citas, and running from house to house. It's going to be an interesting transfer.

I met one of the new elders to the zone... he's crazy... when we said goodbye, instead of shaking my hand he made a `rock on' symbol with his hand and expected me to make one with my hand and touch his fingers with mine... well, I looked at him hesitantly and he said "Rock me on, Hermana.." needless to say, it was weird. 
Truly weird. 
Yep, he's a really weird guy.

The other one I knew in my first zone. It will be interesting to be in this slightly different zone... I'll keep you posted on the great obra goings on here and the crazy elder shenanigans that go on...
Looking forward to good stories... 
On Monday, they were playing soccer, and they got the ball stuck in the air vent. Well, Elder D comes in to look for the broom, and I asked him what happened. He tells me what happened, and that Elder M has already climbed up. It was funny, because Elder M always climbs. I wanted to go watch them try to get it down, but those playing a card game inside made me stay inside and play... freaking!

Speaking of the obra, we're teaching this family, the familia F... they're super great. We've been teaching the plan of salvation to them little by little. They are super smart, super spiritual and super, super prepared. I'm hoping there's a baptism soon. He really wants to get baptized really badly, but the wife is pretty sure that her baby catholic baptism can get her into the Celestial Kingdom... they're in a really odd straddle of religions now... they know what we teach is true, but they think all churches are good, that any baptism is valid. Were gonna talk more about the priesthood and try to get them to go to church. Also, we're gonna have a noche de hogar with their family friends that are members.... we're really excited :)
Sounds great- like they may be in the right frame of mind to keep learning and progressing.
They're doing really well.... were trying to help the family as a whole, which is something no other missionaries have tried before. I'll keep you posted

Well, that's all from Olavarria... LOVE YOU!!!! UNTIL NEXT WEEK :) 
Hermana Long

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