Sunday, January 31, 2016

January 21, 2016

I don't have a lot of time, but I'll type out a few lines. This week was a good, hardworking week. It been hot, we've been walking a lot, but we've had a lot of appointments, so that's good. My shoes broke, and I had to buy new ones. I got the package from the Woodlands ward... someone loves me. Hey, my birthday's coming up, and it's about time to start putting together my birthday package... I'm really missing duct tape, and big bandaids, and goldfish, and beef jerky and goldfish, but more than anything, I want handwritten notes from the whole family, where you tell me about your conversion. That's what I want for my birthday. 

Theres' a bit of technical difficulties with my fotos... I ran out of space in my tarjeta. So I have to buy a new one, but that takes a while. Oh, and to answer the question, i definitely had lice, but now it's all fixed. I hope. I think its like pneumonia, and once you get it, it's a lot easier to get it again. Or I could just be paranoid.

Ummm, what story can I tell you. This week I learned a lot about "enduring to the end". The rama in White's got a bit of a difficult past, and there are a lot of members who went inactive for the bad things that have happened. I've talked to a lot of really great people, who were super active before, who in a moment of weakness, changed their priorities just a little, and now they aren't enjoying the blessing of the gospel in their lives. I'm learning that I have to put my testimony, my understanding, my covenants, before everything else, or I will miss out on the blessings that I want, that I can have. Also, I'm learning just how important it is to love, and to treat people with love, to talk about people with love. The rama of White is teaching me a lot. I love the mission, I love the confidence the Lord has in me, and I love the things I'm learning and the ways I'm changing.

Well, I dont have a lot of time, so I'll leave it at that. I love you bunches. 
Hermana Long

These are the other hermanas in the zone, Hermana Taborda, colombia and Hna Gonzalez, uruguay. They were about 15 minutes away in collectivo. We did divisions a few times with them, and they're just the best. Hna Taborda is now in her house and Hna Gonzalez has about a year in the mission. 

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