Friday, January 29, 2016

December 14, 2015

Well, this week was a very interesting one. S and S, who had been progressing very well, now are not. But our other investigator, Z, who's kinda new, is progressing really welll. She came to an activity. She came to church. She wants to get baptized, and has a date for January 2nd. There are miracles here in Olavarria! 

In other news, I realized a couple of weeks ago the the Young Woman Personal Progress is indeed important, and that I can't tell all the Young Women here that they need to do it if I didn't do it. So I've started my personal progress all over again. And I'm making good headway. And its been really nice. It helps me progress as a missionary. And it helps me realize all the progress I've made, and where I want to go. And I wanted to challenge you do do your personal progress with me. We can compare notes every monday, and animate (is that a word... i cant english) eachother :)
Well, thats all for this week :)
Love you bunches,
Hermana Long

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