Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Well, this week... it was a better week. Our health was pretty good, we worked some good days. Hna B has a foot problem, so that held us back this week, but it was a better week all in all. Well, that's not that important- there are two big newses (is that a word????)

1. The Bad News- TRANSFERS. It was the worst transfers of my life. Hna B  and I are staying together... that's the only good part. They took away E. Idaho and E. Chile. We feel like we just went thru the worst breakup ever! And the Elders left us with all of the investigators. It's a really big responsibility!!! They have this young guy who's really progressing, but he's got a lot of problems. We're freaking out because the Elders worked so hard with him, and he cried when they told him they were leaving, and we don't want to break him, and all the members are freaking out, and he's a young single guy and that's just awkward. Whoff, breathe, I think we'll get through it... any advice? And then they took out our district leader, and it's just like getting dumped. He'd been helping us so much and then they just took him out. And they're not giving us a new one. They're just leaving the Zone Leaders in charge. And they're really good guys, but they have a lot of responsibilities, and they can't call us every night, and focus on helping us, like our DL did. So there's that. We were just really sad last night. But we're really excited for this transfer. We're going to clean EVERYTHING in the house, change up the furniture (we're hoping the fung-shui gets better) and hit the ground running (well, limping in Hna B's case.) Did anything happen like this to you in the mission??? Any advice? Any consejo y consuelo?

2. The Good News- CONFERENCE!!!!!!!! Well, it rocked my socks! Knocked my lights out!! I just wanna send you all my notes, but I've decided to send you the themes that stuck out to me and some of the talks I liked on those themes. But it's funny, I was watching with like three "glasses"- for my investigators, for me as a missionary, and for me as a person, a woman today trying to find my way. So, it was just a really interesting perspective. And just some interesting logistical notes; the first session we watched in Spanish with everyone. Then we watched the second in English alone with the church computer, the third in English, but on a big, swanky tv and a cute little member lady who speaks English came in for a bit, then the last session we watched on the little computer, but with the new guy from the states and his Mexican comp (don't worry, he speaks English!). It was just a really interesting experience... well, with out further ado, the topics:
     *The plan of Salvation, with the emphasis on the atonement and exaltation- well, these were just buzzwords! I loved when President Uchtdorf said "Your goal should be exaltation." It was clear, and simple, and really makes a person think about what they're doing with their lives. Then I loved the talk from Elder Oaks, when he talks about the power of the atonement, that it conquers sin and death, but also sadness, heart ache, afflictions. That he knows how everything feels, so we are never alone. And Also Elder Eyring, how the spirit testified to his father of the plan of salvation. It made me think of Hno G, the dad of my converts who struggles with these kind of doubts, about life after death and the purpose of life, but he knows that the holy ghost is real and that he has and can feel his influence and companionship. I just hope he was watching. I think he was.
     *Obeying the commandments- with a focus on the Sabath day. I loved, loved, loved Hermana Stephens when she said in the words of her little granddaughter "So you're saying that you want me to wear my seatbelt because you love me?" I thought that was just all too true for us. And the focus was really the sabbath day. I don't know what the bad practice is that you've picked up. I hope it's not what Bryce, Hna B's little bro was doing- calling for delivery in the church parking lot during sunday school. But I suspect it has something to do with screen time. Well, as a missionary, I encourage you to listen to Elder Hales and "be the pilot of your life", to Elder Holland and Foster, and be the parents you want to be, and like the old Elder Uchdorf talk says "Stop it."
     *The Holy Ghost- the best example of that was Elder Lawrence. He talked about examples of people who asked life's hard questions in prayer, and received answers thru the Spirit. It just was really great. It was just a great reminder that the Holy Ghost is our constant companion. Someone else, I don't remember who, I think it was more than one person, talked about the power of the words in the Sacrament prayer, that we are willing to take upon us the name of Christ and keep his commandments and we will have his Spirit with us.
     *Dating, marriage, kids and all that trunky stuff- I try pretty hard to not think about this one. One, I want to be a focused missionary and 2) EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, boys have cooties! But the quote I will share really reached our hearts and hit us really hard Elder Hales "Don't just date thru your 20s cause it's fun." and it brings us back to President Uchdorf said "Your goal should be exaltion." Well, I just, boo. But it makes sense, and I know it's right. But that's a problem for Hermana Long in like 7 and a half months.
     *The woman's role- that was just the best. Well, I don't think I explained myself well when I said that we "lectured them". We just had a discussion, where we explained how we see them and their priesthood and read scriptures and conference talks. Part two is that this week the Elders all wrote in our books, and almost all of them said something about how much we helped them want to change. But we just loved Elder Nelson's talk about the women- SOUTHWESTERN AIRLINES PLAY OF THE DAY for that guy. We loved when he said "Speak out and speak up!" and how he talked about "covenant keeping women." We just loved it. That's us and what we do!
Well, there were a lot of other topics that I loved, but these were the top 5. Hope you have an awesome week. Love you guys so mucho!

Hermana Long

Fotos from conference :)

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