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November 2, 2015

Dad- first, I wanted to ask you to send me a copy of your line of priesthood authority. Hna B has her uncle's, and it really comes in handy. Plus, it would just bring me a lot of pride and joy.
Two, I wanted to send a conference talk your way... it's a bit of a throwback, but it's in october 2011, called love her mother. It really made me think of you. Three, did you ever have a house curse in your mission? Without getting into too much detail, all my houses break, and the elder in charge of the houses knows me by name. So there's that. Is this hereditary? How do I break it? All week weve been talking about me piggy-backing Hermana Bindley `Holes style'

Well, this was a pretty good week. My first official international halloween. Everyone here calls it "Dia de la Bruja" or "witches day" and thinks that we go around putting spells on each other. We tried to explain that that's not it, but they just looked at us like we were confused about our own culture. 

Also, we are just realizing how big of nerds we are. We walked into a kiosko, and there were a bunch of science nerd printouts... we bought a boat load. Hna B about the body, she wants to be an international doctor, and I bought natural science ones, think the sun, but in spanish, el sol. And a volcano. Don't you worry, I bought you some too.

Another nerdy moment. We were walking down the street, and we saw a dead frog, and without talking about it, stopped to look at it. Then I said to her "well, look, the blood goes that way, but the cars go the other way, and it's not really squished, but the blood made it far, so I think it jumped up and got hit by the car." And she said "look at thoes intestines... I wounder how they work." Ya, we've definitely figured out our future careers. Well, we were outside of lunch, so the members came and asked us what we were doing, so we told them looking at a squished frog, and they looked at us like we were cray-cray.

The elders dragged us on a super p-day adventure, and we were just two hens in a rooster house. The Elders are just silly. One of the Elders, Elder D, a little white boy from Utah, has had us cracking up all week. One time I heard him say to Elder M, another white boy from Utah, "white shorts" cause he was boldly wearing white shorts to which, E M said "white boy white shorts." Then he walked away like nothing had happend. It's our new theme. Then one moment a dog was trying to jump on top of him, and it was wet and gross, so he grabbed him by the neck and pushed him off and then started petting him with his foot and said "ahi no mas" or "don't get any closer". It was a great moment. Would you please make a meme?!?!? Also, I realized that he is just dad in a 19 year old, past his prime, boy's body... he threw rocks into a river for about an hour, then picked up a ladybug and I took pictures and then the three of us quoted a funny nerd movie for twenty minutes straight. Then he told us that our song from EFY was too romantic. Thanks Dad. You can tell Dad he doesn't have to come to Argentina cause he's already here!!!

Well, a nice, spiritual story to top everything off. So, there is a part member family that the Elders were teaching who went out of town the same time they got taken out. And they finally got back. So we went to go get to know them. We show up and we weren't really sure what to say. But thanks to my experience in the mission, my awesome comp, and the spirit, we were able to pick up on what to say and how to keep teaching. It was just a really nice lesson. It really felt like the fulfillment of the promise about storing up the words of God and they will be given in the exact moment. I just love this work, I love being here, I love being on the errand of the Lord. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!!! I think I'm gonna talk to president about a permanent extension, but I don't think he'll go for it. Also, yesterday in church was just really great. I just really love going to church as a missionary. I feel like everything is written to me and my investigators.

Well, that's all. I'm gonna send some pics :)
Hna Long

Who are you dressed as/Disneybounding/hinting at for Halloween? I really tried to think; here are the clues that I found. 
-You are wearing a yellow sweater (which I don't think is yours), which means it is intentional and significant. Yes, it, is!
-You are holding up a Book of Mormon, so I think that you must be someone related to the Book. The book of mormon is our particular weapon of choice.
-You are wearing a belt, which you usually don't with that skirt. Ummm, you're taking a lot of notes on my pictures a lot more than I thought... It looks kinda like a G
-Teal skirt, hair back, belt
-Hna B is wearing a dark jacket & the sun glasses on top of her head???? and holding the Book of Mormon-again, our weapon of choice... she also ran around yelling lipstick tazer!!!!

I am a minion, Kevin, to be exact, and she is agent wild!!!!

Zona Olavarría

We're just really cute :)  Comp love <3

Just some Elders in a truck wearing our sunglasses...They look like a boyband...
we call them the Jeans!

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