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October 19, 2015

Sounds like everyone is doing really well. I'm glad to hear that you're doing scripture reading and running and working out. That's all really good stuff. And I would be really excited to hear about your lesson. We had the same one. (Funny story, I was reading your email or Dad's, I'm not sure who wrote it, to hna b, and we got to the part about the date night [where you and Dad worked on your Relief Society at a restaurant], and we stopped and were like, hahahaha what a mormon couple, and then we were like `oh no, thats the future' and then we were like `well, thats not the worst thing ever. Dinner and doctrine its a really nice date...' then we realized how much the mission had changed us... weird.)
Also, a follow up to Elder Mexico and the tacos: the next night we get a call from our Zone Leader, Elder G, from Boliva. He calls us around 9.55 and says, Hermanas, we're coming to your house because you need to let us use your blender, and it's an emergency. So then at 10.20, way past cerfew, E Bolivia, Elder Mexico, and Elder B, from Peru, all show up at our house to get our blender. We were livid! We're still kinda cheesed at Elder G, but Elder Mexico redeemed himself last night- he called us at around 9.45, after planning, but during the time for phone calls and says, So we want to go to the Zoo tomorrow. This received a cheer from us- I don't know if I've kept you updated on the Zoo Drama- there is a zoo in our area and I want to go as a zone. So a few weeks ago, Elder Y, the other Zone Leader, asks if we have any zone goals. There's a moment of quiet in which I whisper to my comp and say "the zoo" and then she raises her hand and says "my comp has a goal to go to the zoo, and I have a goal to help her achieve her goal." E Y asks the other elders to second the vote. Elder D shoots his hand up, Elders Idaho and Chile look at each other and slowly put their hands up and then everyone else follows suit. It was a great moment for the hermanas. Then the zone leaders start looking for other options... now they say they want to to go to a quarry (is that how you spell it). All the members say that it stinks and is not worth the time, but the Elders are crazy about going. So it was a huge success for Elders and all Mexicans when Elder L invited us to go to the zoo. We told him that we wanted to go and he said he would make some calls and call us back in the morning to NOT BOTHER US AT NIGHT. I think he's learning. So we forgave him for the stunt.
Other news, HAPPY ARGENTINE MOTHERS DAY!!!! Heres sending you virtual goodies with a lot of dulce de leche.
Well, what else can I tell you. Hna B keeps keepin on in her sneakers. A little kid yelled at me for the way I ate a factura (hermana, what are you doing????? Not with your fingers, with your teeth!!!!!! cmon now!) Ya, that was weird. Umm, we went to get our blender from the Elders yesterday, and then we (read Hna B) filled it up with water to water a street dog. It just ignored us the whole time. There was a bit of a storm this week. Here, rain storm means sprinkling with a lot of wind. Its weird. There was another Argentine holiday this week- Race Day. Its pretty much when colombus day should be (is there a link between that and Canadian Thanksgiving Day) where they celebrate all of the different "Races"... I feel like that would not float in the USA. But here, everything was closed!!!!!! Ya, it was weird. Other funny thing, a guy from our ward is getting married to a girl from the other ward, and they were talking about the party in Relief Society, and how everyone was invited and then said it would be "a la canasta" thats where everyone brings food.... it is my favorite word in any language ever. So we got really excited, me and hna b. And were like, food!!!!!!! a la canasta!!!!!!! and then the presidenta looks at us and says ya, and music and dancing and it starts at 8.30 and uninvited us... but don't worry, w'rere gonna show up a little early and eat food and be at home on time. WE WILL EAT CAKE!!!!! We've hit the point of the mission where cake is the best thing on the planet and we pretty much find our happiness from it... is that normal????

Well, first a funny story then a spiritual story. First, we played soccer with the Elders... that was an interesting experience! We played for about 45 minutes, and we have next to no skills. They decided it was best to break up the inexperienced newbie hermanas, as we have not played soccer in pretty much a year, and we were never good at playing. Elder Y, the zone leader from Washington, really stepped up to help my comp learn how to play. And at one point he was teaching her how to kick, so he kicks the ball as hard as he could. At that precise moment, an elder behind me decided to ask me a question, so I looked back at him and the ball smacked me in the face. E Y felt really bad for like two days. But it was not the first time I've been whacked in the face, and it will not be the last. So then E B, from Peru, decided to be my body guard and coach (can you just hear him say, watch it, watch the hermana, watch out she's right there) to all the other elders??? He's a nice guy. So then we let the Elders play alone, and they got the ball stuck on top of a very very tall satellite tower. It took about an hour to get the ball down. They tried every idea under the sun, from climbing the inside, climbing the outside, they wanted to buy a trampoline to shoot elder b up, but we managed to convince them that was a bad idea. Side note, we always feel like we're living in the office. Elder Y is Michal Scott, so that just about tells you what my life is like. Then, they attached three  sticks together and one elder climbed up the low hanging roof and managed to knock it off. It was a win for all missionaries all over the world. Then they started playing and kicked it over the fence. Then it took all week to get it back.... oh, elders!

So now, the spiritual story. So, we were teaching S, and he was telling us that it's just really hard to stop doing all the bad stuff he does and really really hard to start doing good stuff, like waking up to go to church, reading his scriptures and praying. So i felt impressed to talk about my testimony of daily prayer and challange him to pray every day. So I did. And I think it really touched him, cause at the end he yelled excitedly "In the name of Jesus Christ, AMEN" He's just really becoming really mormon! And then my compa made him a note that said "Ya oró" or "did ya pray yet?" to put on his bathroom mirror. And he said he would :) yay for calling people to repentence!

So, the big question- how is S... well, as good as a 22 year old man who acts like a 12 year old boy can be. We had some really good lessons with him. He's really learning and trying to turn his life around. He's hit a point when he knows he needs to change- a lot, and he knows its gonna be hard, but he wants to do it, so that's good, cause were here to help. We are reading the book of mormon with him. This week was 1 Nefi 8 and 9. He really liked the tree of life, and it really helped him realize that he has to change and he can do it, so I think it was a success. Then we read 9 yesterday. Its kinda weird talks about the big plates and the small plates and the mysteries of God. We got to the end and he says "so what is the teaching from that?" he really does want to learn and apply things to his life. So we explained that, like Nefi, God asks us to do things that we dont know why, but we need to do them. I think it kinda hit him hard. He was just kinda like, oh, but its hard. Ya, it is, but we explained that the hard important things are the best to do. So that was good. His mom's really starting to listen too, and she invited us over for dinner, woo hoo. FOOD!!!!!!! Then the funniest part, we asked him to say the prayer at the end and he was like, girls you know I get nervous and embarrassed to do that. I dont even like reading out loud and you make me do that every day. And I just get embarassed really easily I dont do anything out loud... I dont even fart out loud!! It was one of the funniest moments of my entire mission. We pulled it together for the prayer and then laughed all the way home. Oh, S. I'm gonna take pictures of his house and him and his mom tomorrow to send to you.

Well, that's all for this week. Hope you have an awesome week and start writing me earlier next week... I have questions. Mostly about the Temple... whats the closest? Calgary? I found a picture of the Cardston Temple yesterday in a Liahona and I was thinking like that sounded like part of the new suburb. Is it? It's really cool, looks like something from ancient greece but white and with windows. Will you go and send me pictures.... I REALLY WANT TO GO TO THE TEMPLE!!!!!!! GO FOR ME!!!!! I'm just so close and yet so far!
Well, love ya, Hermana Long

A few more fotos from conference  :)

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