Monday, August 24, 2015


First things first, we still can't go to the circus :( and now, even less because... I GOT CHANGED FROM MY AREA!!! Now I'm in Olavarria- about 2 hours in collectivo (3 hours from my first area, I can't seem to get far) and my compa is... HERMANA BINDLEY, from the MTC. I'm stoked!!!!
And about the tracks... in Tandil, we have to cross them 2-3 times a day. It's si o si obligatorio. But it's a wide open space and you can see the train coming from the next city. Don't worry. But now I changed areas, and I don't have to cross the tracks. It was tough saying goodbye to everyone. I made more than one person cry when I shared my testimony, I took pictures with EVERYBODY- almost all the families, the YW the YM the kids of the primary... EVERYONE. 6 months is a long time to be in one area. What was the longest you were in an area? Was it hard to leave? Below is a picture of me with the bishop and his family. 

My other news...
5. We went to Bahia Blanca. This is always an adventure. My compa had to go to a training to be a Sister Training Leader and I had to give a strong talking to to all of the Elders in the office. Everything went well. It was good to get out of Tandil and talk to other Hermanas.

4. We had the last Zone Meeting with this Zona, and I finally got to take pics :) Yep, Zona Tandil. It took like 25 tries to get good ones. Our Zone leader, the bear-football player seated in front of me, almost ate us alive. He's always angry.
3. I bought myself some ribs. They changed my life. I love Argentina.
2. It was the birthday of my conversito, (well, almost convert. I dunno if you're following the story with the Almadas- they moved into our ward in time for their baptism), Samu. It was just about the sweetest thing ever. This is what we brought him. Inside is a game of chess and checkers. He fell in love with our gift. IT WAS AWESOME!!!

1. The big news... the familia Grondona/Mellis had their baptism. It was the sweetest baptism in all my mission- the members did everything. And I mean everything. It was a huge change but a good one. The mom gave the prayer, the "tia" gave the first talk, the dad baptized them (that was the biggest miracle, he finally felt worthy!), the bishop and lider misional gave them the holy ghost, the primary sang one of the hymns about the holy ghost, and the "prima" gave the closing prayer. It. Was. Awesome. I really feel like I was sent to Tandil to help this family. It was the most special, sweet baptism I've ever seen in my mission. It was so much work. and love, and sweat and tears and prayers and fasting, but they got there. Now they're a family with 5 active members, and the other son went to church for the first time in a long time. The Elders are gonna get him on a mission!!!

Well, that's all for this week. I'm gonna send you some more pictures. Love you BUNCHES!!!! I hope everything is ok over there in Canada. I heard you guys went to the Temple.... I hope that's true and right this minute you're writing a note with pictures and spiritual experiences and it's just so full that you can't send it in time. I hope you're going to the Temple a little more than humanly possible. I really miss the Temple! You get to enter, to take pictures of the grounds, go alone, go with the ward, JUST GO!!!!! Send my love to the Temple!!!!

Hermana Long

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