Monday, August 17, 2015

8/3/15 I love love love Tandil

Well, the news of the week.
5. Afro- there's a street artist here who writes his tag, or his name, Afro, everywhere. And all of my time here I've wanted to find out who he is, is it a group of people, the question has always been WHO IS AFRO???? And 5 months later, I almost have an answer. We went to dinner at the house of a less active family, and the mom started telling us that her son likes to do art. We asked him what kind of art, and he said graffiti, street art. And I asked him straight up- Are you afro? He looked shiftily at his asado and said no. And I asked him again- I see afro everywhere and I want to know who he is. Are you afro? I really thought I'd found him. He said again no. Then his mom said- no, but he is- and the kid cut her off and told us that he knows afro, but that he writes another tag- PIGS. He says that it's a group of about ten kids, but that he started it. And that he knows who Afro is, but it's a secret. I told him that I wanted to meet afro, but if he can't arrange that, that I would pay him to get me a t-shirt from the hand of afro that says afro and he said he would do it. WOO-HOO!!!!

4. The Familia Almada- This week the familia Almada- I think I've talked about them before, they are a family of 5- the mom, who's a member, the dad, who's more active than a lot of the members here, but can't get baptized until they get married, and it's really complicated for them to get married, two kids who got baptized in Rama 2, but the Elders of Rama 4 taught and baptized them, and a little baby. Well, the baby, who has 2 months and was a premie, got sick. We didn't know anything until we passed by and the two kids, 8 and 9 years old, were home alone and told us that the parents took the baby to the hospital and he was hospitalized. Well, we started making calls- first, the RS president, then we passed by the Elders Quorum leader and the bishop (they're brother-in-laws and neighbors). Well, they started moving like ants. The visiting teacher passed by to take the kids to her house, the bishop went to hospital to give the baby a blessing, everyone started calling, the ward really ralled to take care of this family. And let me tell you, this isn't something that usally happens here, for a long time this branch and then ward, didn't know what to do or how to act, we were a chicken with his head cut off. It's been amazing to see the change in this ward.
3. The LLUVIA DE HIELO- The other day, it hailed. A lot. And fast. But it's ok, because we were in a bus the whole time.
2. Presidente- the new mission president and his wife came to do intervistas. IT. WAS. AWESOME. He's changing everything. I'll send more details about him another week. But now we can write for 2 hours. YES!
1. The Familia Grondona- This is the part member family weve been working with and we're really seeing changes with them. The dad has decided that he's gonna baptize the kids. And they showed up to church, earlier than we did, and they want to keep going, get the kids baptized, and go to the temple. Its awesome to be a part of these kind of changes.

We really are enjoying Tandil now- the people still are hard, but we're finding soft people that are ready for change. The members are awesome- this week was fast sunday, and we were tired of forgetting, all the members tell us that they're tired of forgetting, so we started on Monday passing by the members and giving them a little card with a scripture about fasting. It. Was. Awesome. Now that we're sharing the building with Barrio 1, we talk a lot more with the members from over there and they all tell us the same thing- that they're tired of the Elders, that they want Hermanas. And one of the members told a friend from the other ward that we'd passed by to give her the scripture and was really happy. Woo-hoo, victory.

I love, love, love Tandil. I love the members, I love the streets I love the people, even when the reject us. I love being here and serving the Lord. My compa says that this means that they're gonna switch me this transfer. I sure hope not. I want to keep helping this area, keep helping the members do their missionary work. I don't think I'm gonna go until Christmas- I got work to do!!!!
Well, that's all for this week. Love you bunches.
Hermana Long

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