Monday, July 27, 2015


Well, a few news items-
5. Our new mission president wrote. Por fin! I still haven't met him, but baby steps, baby steps.
4. Juan- Two Sundays ago, a family of 21 people showed up for church with the Elders. And a grandpa showed up. They told us we could teach him, because they already had 21 investigators. Well, we talked to him, and went to his house. Long story short, HE WAS ALREADY A MEMBER!!!! He acepted a babtism date after the church. Awkward.
3. I made pasta salad. It was awesome. And spanish tortilla- you taught me well. Oh, but the olive oil here is horrible and super expensive. You'd go crazy. You have to mix it with normal vegtable oil so that it dosn't taste like it's gonna kill you. I understand why nobody uses olive oil here. 
2. The Sister Training Leaders showed up to do splits!!!! It was awesome!!! I worked with Hermana Taborda- she's from Colombia and super awesome. She's super chill and knows how to talk to everybody.
1. The Grondona Family- they are a miracle. There isn't time to tell you all of the story. I'll send more next week. They're a family that's been inactive for a long time, and they have 2 sons that were never baptized. But we helped them go to church this Sunday. And the dad is gonna work to be worthy to have the priesthood so he can baptize his sons.

Well, that's all for this week. 

Love you bunches!!
Hermana Long

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