Sunday, July 5, 2015


Kate: Hi! Oh man, I think i'm gonna die here in Tandil. Everyone says that it just gets colder from here on out!
     Mom: Hi! Please don't die of cold. Please buy whatever you need to stay warm. Hats, gloves, scarves, parka, a second sleeping bag, a down comforter, whatever. Don't freeze! (Dad says he liked using curtains and tablecloths from his apartment as blankets on his mission.)
Kate: Ummm we don't have curtains or tablecloths... I don't remember the last time I was really comfortably warm here... no one has real heating. People have gas powered heaters, but these just heat up one part of the room really really hot! Right now I'm sleeping with 5 blankets and a sleeping bag and more than one pair of pajamas and that seems to be ok. But when we're outside working, I have my jacket and gloves and hat and pants and tights and I'm doing ok except my face!!! All day my face is ice!!!! When are they gonna start selling pants for the face?!?!?!
     Mom: They do. It's called wrap your scarf around your face.
Kate: Yeah, but I cant do that when there are people in the street. I have to contact them. PS... I'm currently writing you and I can't feel my hands... what is happening??? It's not even winter yet and it's colder that any winter I've ever been a part of!!!!!
     Mom: So sorry your hands are cold...KEEP WRITING!
Kate: I'll... brr.. do... brr.. my... brr... best

Ok, top 5 noticias de Tandil...
1. I FOUND  A FOUR LEAF CLOVER... 20 years of searching, and I finally found one. It was small and a little ugly, but I found one. And then it fell out of my book, and I lost it. It's ok because I found another one!!! My life is forever changed.
2. In transfers I lost something very important... our district leader! Elder Scruggs, also known as el Boracho, because of his voice that sounds a little like Jack Sparrow at the end of a bottle of rum, left Tandil to go to the Pama. 
3. Ummm, what else. OH, THE STAKE. This weekend they're forming the Stake here in Tandil and Olavarria. Several Seventies are gonna come. Everyone is stoked!!!!
4. I have a new favorite cd to listen to. Imagine the Carolina Chocolate Drops singing hymns. It's awesome!
5. Oh, there's a menos activa that we've been working with, who wants to come back to church, but she wants to come back with her husband who isn't a member. Well, when we first met him, he was really friendly and talked a lot with us, but then he didn't want anything to do with the church. But everything changed this week- he decided that he's gonna start listening to us, and they watched a bunch of church movies, including Joseph Smith: The Prophet of the Restoration, and now he goes about quoting Joseph Smith, and they have plans to go to Stake conference this weekend.

Well, I'm out of time! We'll talk more next week. Love you bunches!!! Send my love to everyone!!!
Hermana Long

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