Monday, March 9, 2015

This week of Transfers....

Hola Todos!

Bro and Sis Iannone are members in the branch in Balcarce.
Big news- I got transferred to a new area. The area is called Tandil. It's a small city about two hours away from Balcarce, my old area. It was an experience very loco getting out here, but I'm here now! 

My new compa is Hermana Lopez. She's from Argentina. I'm in a rama (branch) here, but it's a larger rama than some of the other ramas (here there are between 80 and 100 people and I talked to an Elder who served in a rama that had 6 every Sunday). There's a lot of Adventures to be had here, and everyone speaks really well of Tandil, so I'm hoping things will be awesome here.

My last week in Balcarce was very interesting. 
- The last p-day we watched 17 miracles, and ate facturas (which are kinda like donuts, but waaaaayyyyy better).
- We contacted casi EVERYBODY in Balcarce- a lot of walking and a lot of talking. We set up citas (or appointments) with several families for this coming week. 
- We played Ninja one morning for exercise. 
- We (I) captured a spider to be our pet... that was interesting. It was the idea of Hermana Gomez, but she was to scared to do everything (catch the spider, put him in his new home, catch food, etc.) When we first had him, it looked like he was dead- twice, but came back from the "dead" twice, so we call him Lázaro, Spanish for Lazarus, the man who died in the Bible and Cristo brought him back to life... yep, it was very interesting. 
- We cooked another "bomba", a very dangerous cake of tres leches... that was one of the best parts of the week!

I'll try to send more pictures next week- I have to find a new way to upload fotos without the adapter from Hna Eubanks.

That's all for this week! Everybody, feel free to write me!!! (
Hermana Long

Editor's note- At the last transfer, Sis Eubanks came to be Sis Antuña's companion, and those two were apartment mates with Kate and her companion, Sis Gomez. Sis Eubanks described Kate and her comp like this [taken from her great blog with permission]

Hna Long- she's from Texas, but was born in Utah, and she is like a fountain of knowledge. She just knows how to do a ton of things. She does yoga, Tai-chi, surfing, skateboarding, lives in Hawaii, dances, all forms of exercise, and seems to know about a lot of different cultures. She's very friendly and very funny and super outgoing. Her and my companion are homies, and they both have the same amount of time in the mission field. She's funny, too. 

Hna Gomez- Hna Gomez is from Utah, but her parents are from Venezuela  so she doesn't look like a Utahn. She is SUPER funny, and she has exactly the same amount of time in the mission as me. We were in the MTC together for the first 2 weeks, but because she already knew a bunch of Spanish she didn't stay for the 6 weeks like me. She teaches with the Spirit like a boss and really cares about her areas and the people. She also gives really good back massages and cooks really tasty food. 

Thanks Sis Eubanks!

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