Monday, March 16, 2015

Tandil, a place of Miracles

Hola todos,

When I found out I was going to Tandil, everyone told me that it was really, really pretty. What they didn't tell me is that it's a land of miracles!

Kate and her new companion Sis Lopez
When I arrived, things didn't look so good. A few investigators who weren't or couldn't progress. A bunch of people who didn't want anything. And a HUGE area. But then, a miracle happened. A ten year old kid who had been going to church for 2 years, and his mom, finally got the courage to talk to the dad to get permission for him to get baptized, and keep talking to him until the answer was yes. And so this happened on Saturday...
My compa, Juany, his mom, little sister, and me
It finally happened! My first baptism! And sweet little Juan is so happy, and his mom too. What a crazy week! We started with just about nothing, and then, boom! baptism.

That's the big news of this week. Other news- the branch here is sweet. It's small, but the people are nice. I already have a group of little girls that love me- they give me big hugs, wrote me notes during sacrement meeting. It was sweet.

My compa is awesome! She's from Argentina, Mendoza. She helps me with my Spanish, and I help her with her English. We're the only two Hermanas in all of Tandil- there are like 14 elderes. We share this area with two Elders- and we are always finding them. In the street, in members' homes, sometimes they knock the doors of people we're teaching, while we're teaching. It's a bit awkward. I think there's only been one day so far where we didn't see them, but we contacted a person who said that she'd just talked to two chicos from the same church... Elderes. One is from Colombia and he's straight up crazy in a good way! The other one is from Argentina, and he's much more normal, but still fun. We are an underdog team here in Tandil- I just finished my training and just got here. My compa arrived after an emergency transfer three weeks before me. The Elder from Argentina is still in training. Elder Colombiano has 6 months, and arrived at the same time as me in Tandil. There's a lot of room for growth and experience here in Tandil. I bet we'll be here for a while.

Other news- it's my birthday today! We're celebrating by getting on a bus and visiting a huge rock. I'm excited! ADVENTURE IS OUT THERE!!! One of my old Zone Leaders, Elder Rascon, who was here for 8 months, told me that there is a lot of adventure to be had here, and that I had to go on an adventure every p-day, so I'm gonna try to do it!Funny story about the other Zone Leader, Elder Ratliff. When I was in Mar de Plata my last day, I wasn't wearing my normal shoes, and you could see my ridiculous tan lines. When Elder Ratliff saw my feet, he pointed, laughed, and told me I was a real missionary. It was really funny. And now me and my compa say that to each other all the time.

Well, that's all for this week!Hermana Long

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