Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Fotos and More Fotos!

Hola Todos!

This is my Zone from the last transfer (end of January?)- from left to right, top to bottom- Elders Bradford (Utah), Searcy (Utah), Morales (I think Mexico), Moreno (Mexico), Pierce (Utah), Jones (Minesota), Yates (I think Utah), Pesoa (Argentina), James (I think Utah), Ratliff (California), Rosario (Dominican Republic), Smith (Las Vegas) and Hermanas Antuña (Argentina, and lives in my house), Ortiz (El Salvador, lived in the house until she left), me, mi compa (Utah), Peterson (Boston), Morgan (I think Utah), Rodrigez (Equador) and a-really-really-long-name-that-I-can't-spell-or-say-something-like-Stygarivia (somewhere in South America)

This is a giant dessert from Argentina called an Alfajor. It's bigger than my hand! And don't worry, I split it with the 3 other misioneras that I live with.

This is me and my comp after we got stuck in the rain one day. We went home, changed, and went back out again!

Elders, they have no chance at being normal- they start out as boys, already pretty crazy, they wear suits everday, they walk all day, everday... they have no chance at being normal!

This was on Christmas... I realized this is one of like 3 pictures that are not food, me making funny faces, or me making funny faces with food. Apparently I need to broaden my foto subjects!
That's all the pictures for this week-  Now an inspiring story- We found a new investigator this week. The week started out kinda rough- no one wanted to talk to us, everyone was either an atheist or católico (Catholic)! And then we found a milagro (miracle)! An ex-investigator who wants to prepare for baptism! It was so great! Moral of the story, if you keep doing what you're supposed to be doing, even when it's hard, the Lord will always bless you!

Hermana Long

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