Sunday, April 12, 2015

Notes from Notes

This week there was no letter to everyone. But, Her Dad and I (Mom) both got personal notes from her. So here are some highlights:
With members and Hna Lopez in Tandil

Things with Hermana Lopez are AWESOME! She is a great companion. I'm finally learning how to speak Español. I'm learning phrases, and jokes, and slang. Plus, I'm learning how to not contact like a robot. And she's super funny and we laugh a lot, but we always can teach really spiritual lessons too. And she's learning English. We read stuff together for launguage study, me in Spanish and her in English, Liahonas, the Missionary Manual, stuff like that.

As for my study, I spent a whole week learning about the tree of life. I read the story, then read articles from the Liahona, and from conference. I learned a lot! Then this past week, I've been studying the Atonement, specifically, the grace. There's a great devotional from Brad Wilcox, that's called "His Grace is Sufficient for All." You should look it up.

Conference was awesome! Well, Sunday... Saturday was a bit awkward because IT WAS ALL ABOUT MARRIAGE!!!! All of the misionaries almost died. Some didn't want to hear any more, some pretended like it wasn't happening, some just rolled their eyes. But it was awkward. Saturday night, Elder Jensen was like "ok, everybody pray for a new topic tomorrow. I can't take it anymore." 

Something that was different about this conference is that I'm not Kate anymore, I'm Hermana Long. I'm a missionary and a representative of Jesucristo, and there was one talk that I knew Kate would LOVE, but Hermana Long not so much. There were talks that meant more to me because I'm a missionary. I don't know if this makes any sense, but it's what happened.
Also, I WATCHED THE WHOLE THING IN SPANISH!!!!!! It was not an easy task, but I did it, cause Hermana Lopez didn't wanna watch it in English with all the other gringo misioneros. And there  were two talks in Spanish, and they were so great! I didn't have to listen to translators. 

That's all for this week. Thanks so much for supporting Kate!

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