Tuesday, April 14, 2015

More Notes from Notes

Another week with no general letter. But we have some good news from Kate:
I'll tell you a quick story from this week about listening to the Spirit- we were knockin' doors, and we knocked a door and a guy came out- middle-aged, a little bit sketchy, and we started to talk to him. We told him who we were and he told us that he wasn't interested because he had a different idea. He told us that he believed in God, but even more believed in his saint- and as soon as he said that, I knew it was bad news bears. Turns out, his saint is Santo Muerte, the grim-reaper-death saint. We got outta there fast. And my companion told me that from the begining, she new that was his belief, cause the Holy Ghost told her, but she wanted to hear the words from him. Moral of the story, listen to the spirit and know when to walk away, know when to run!

That's all for this week! 

Much love,
Hermana Long

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