Thursday, April 23, 2015

3rd Notes

Notes from Kate:

Argentina is awesome! I live in a city- not too big, not too small. There are 13 other missionaries in this city, but me and my compa are the only Hermanas. Our area is HUGE!!! And we walk a million miles a day. We're in a rama, but it's a bigger rama- close to 80 people every Sunday. It's going to be a barrio in June or July. The food is awesome! The bread in Argentina is a million times better than in los estados. The members feed us pretty well.
We went and visited a "Castle" here in Tandil.
The new temple in Córdoba is Big News. They're going to broadcast the dedication ceremony to the capilla in Rama 1 (because it's the only one with a projector) and everyone is "spiritually preparing." The only bigger news is that were going to be a stake in two months. The people here are on a self-improving high... hoping it will turn into a helping the missionaries high.
General Conference weekend
Here's a great reading assignment- John 15. In this chapter, Christ is talking to his apostles and preparing them for a life without him. But don't read it like a story, read it like Christ is talking to you- put your name in the story, think about the problems you're trying to face, and I promise it will give you strength to keep going. Its very symbolic- talks about how to bear fruit, but think about the fruit as the end result you want to see for the things you're struggling with. I promise it's going to change your life.

Have a great week!
Hermana Long

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