Tuesday, May 26, 2015

News from Kate


[On April 27, Kate's grandmother, this editor's mother, passed away. I've been busy with final arrangements, and am now getting back to updating Kate's blog. Sorry for the wait!]

From Kate- random answers to random questions:

I'm good. The work is exhausting. The people of Tandil are not very receptive. We work all week, and just about nobody (investigators) shows up for church. But it's all good- I have a theory that missionaries don't come to Tandil to baptize, but to learn, especially how to be humble. I've learned a lot about that.

I always feel the Spirit. Sometimes I don't realize it, and then I think about how I am now, the things I talk about and think about, and I realize the difference. Not that I was a bad kid before, but I thought about what I was gonna eat, when I could go out with my friends, what I was gonna watch on tv. Now I think about who I can help and what I can learn.

Yes, I'm eating. Apparently an hermano in the rama started a competition between me and an elder from colombia for who can eat the most (he barely won, with a lot of cheering on from the hermano). We eat just about everything. I don't have time to write you about all the things we're eating. I'll dedicate the next e-mail to food,

The apartment is tiny and smelly. There are a lot of horses, but they're just kinda in the way, I don't know anyone who has them.

The ward members here are awesome. There are less here, but they're buenísimos. I'll send you a few pictures of them in the weeks to come.
"The famous Hermanas- Lopez and Long"

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