Tuesday, February 17, 2015

So, about last week ...

Hola Everybody-

Ok, a Little explanation on what happened last week- we e-mail every week from the capilla (chapel), and the computers are some of the best in Argentina (circa 2003), but last week, we couldn't get the keys to this room, so we had to go hunting for an internet café. We found one, with some of the worst computers in all of Argentina (circa de the assassination of Lincoln, and manufactured in Hades) I was on for my allotted hour, and I only had about 20 minutes of actually doing SOMETHING! It was awful! I almost died! It took about 10 minutes to load one foto! Also, usually I print off your e-mails to read during the day (SO I LOVE LONG E-MAILS) but I couldn't print anything last week, and I had to read all the e-mails.

Today were back in the Capilla, but Hermana Eubanks couldn't find her adaptor. I can try poking the monitor with my SD card, but I don't think it will help.
This is a cake we made last week- 3 leches, pero fue 4 leches porque tuvo dulce
de leche... se llama LA BOMBA!!!!! ("Tres leches" a cake made from 3 kinds of milk, but this was 4 because it also had "dulce de leche" so it's called THE BOMB!!!)
I thought this week I would send a list of interesting things about my life in Argentina-

1. The grocery store is run by Chinese people. They have Chinese decorations, the workers yell at each other in Chinese, and the music is a hybrid of Asian music (leaning heavily on the Korean-Pop side), Latino, and American pop and dance. All in all, it is always an interesting expierence.

2. Shoes here, for women, are tall and clunky. I think it's a who-can-walk-and-not-break-their-ankle contest.

3. Men use fanny packs as man-purses. Just picture that for a minute. Yep, it's weird.

4. Everyone here is a fan of the soccer team River, from Buenos Aires. It's a thing. It's on ads, it's in candy, it's in church clothes. Everyone except Hermana Antuña. She's a fan of Rosario Central, a very hipster team.
This is a sucker from the team River, in Buenos Aires. And now I'm a fan too, because the River sucker is better than the Boca sucker, the other big team.

5. People here think my name is weird and exciting. No one in my entire life has thought "Long" is weird or exciting.

Well, that's all for this week. I'll send pictures next week.
Much Love-
Hermana Long

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