Friday, November 28, 2014

This Week...

Hola todos-

A sweet selfie with our amigos Elders Robertson y Bradshaw! 
This was the BEST WEEK EVER at the MTC! Well, it had kinda a ruff start because the rest of our zone, 15 missionaries left on Sunday night/Monday Morning. However, we had an awesome testimony meeting and I feel like I have 15 new best friends. We're planning a surfing reunion in SoCal.

Monday was a little rough, on account of the no-friends thing. But Hermano Pitcher challenged us to only speak in Spanish, and we totally did it. It was hard, and our Spanish was pretty bad, but we got the message across. And he actually told two funny stories to Elder Hwang! It was fantastico!

Tuesday was awesome, because Dallin H. Oaks came and spoke to us. It was awesome! He and his wife are both really, really powerful speakers!

Les quiero, familia!
Then Thursday was the best, because it was the Dia de Pavo! Thanksgiving! Turkey-Day! It was the best!! David A. Bednar spoke, and instead of a straight up talk, he took questions from the audience, and answered them. That man is soooooo close to the Spirit. He knew the answers, and he knew what to tell us. It was amazing. Service project was good, lunch was good, a crazy Thanksgiving play was good, and then we watched Meet the Mormons! It was great. Then they unveiled the Christmas lights! It was great!!!! I love Thanksgiving! And I love Christmas! And I love when they happen together!!

This was after we shook Elder Bednar's hand. Yep, it was pretty great.

Then today was P-day. We went to the Temple, I finished my letters I've been working on for weeks, and then I took a nap. Then I did all the laundry in the world!

That's all for this week! 
Con amor-
Hermana Long

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