Friday, November 14, 2014

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Hola Todos!

It snowed! It really, really snowed. Yesterday we came out of gym and it was snowing a little bit, but after we finished getting ready for class, it was hard-core snowing! And there is still snow on some of the plants today. It's kinda crazy! The only thing is that I had to go to lunch and then class really fast, so no pictures. I'll for sure take pictures next time.

Learning Spanish is amazing and incredible and muy difícil (super hard), but so rewarding. We have Spanish class with Hermano Pitcher for three hours every day (except p-day, when we have class after dinner). Other than that, we have hours on hours of "personal study", "companion study" and "language study" where we sit in the same classroom and try not to go crazy. Rumor has it, we're getting a new teacher. He may or may not be named "Hermano Tuff" or possibly "Hermano Tuft", and he's probably this investigator we've been teaching. The Elders in our Zone told us that even after he's our teacher, we'll still have to teach him and that it's way awkward.

By the way, we have class in the "George Q. Cannon" building, and in Hawai'i, the big basketball gym is the "George Q. Cannon" building. I always feel a little funny walking into the building to have class, like, ok, class in the big gym today. I kept thinking it would stop being weird, but it has not.

Funny story- we were playing Spanish hangman during a never-ending study session where none of us could pay attention, and the other Hermanas were accusing me of cheating. I wasn't, but I had just picked a really good word that I couldn't spell. So my companion was like "how do you say cheater in Español" and Hermana Shiffler, who usually knows what she's talking about said "Oh, chistoso, I think." That became our big insult for the next day. We'd call one of the other Hermanas "Chistoso" and pretend to spit, because it was just so dirty and vile to be a cheater and such a dirty and vile word. For those of you who speak Spanish, you know where this is going. In class the next day, Hermano Pitcher played a video for us that he said was a bit "Chiste" and the four of us who were in on the game got really excited and said cheater. He looked at us like we were locas, and said "Uh, no, it means funny." We busted up laughing. Turns out a "chistoso" is a joker, and a "tramposo" is a cheater. Awkward.

Other funny stories- we've been getting to know the other Hermanas and Elderes in our Zone. They are super funny. Hermana Summers is our Zone Sister Training leader, so we spend a lot of time talking to her. She sometimes calls herself "Mama Bear", and she seems sooooo much older, even though she's our age. The Elders are crack ups. We'll sit at the table in the caf, next to people, and then they'll leave, and there will be a big hole in the people sitting at the table next to me. This has happened with the same set of Elders like 5 times, and everytime it does, I look over like "what the heck?!?! Every time!!!" and the Elders tell us that if we showered, they would come sit with us. (We definitely do shower, by the way, they just like to give us a hard time.)

One more funny story- half way thru a never ending lesson, we had a break, and someone discovered that part of the wall was hollow. So one Hermana started tapping on it and another and soon we were all tapping the wall. Hermano Pitcher just rolled his eyes and said "Mi clase está loca (my class is crazy) and walked back in the classroom. The next day we were telling some people in the hallway that story, and some of the Elders were like "you know that's our bathroom on the other side, right?" Apparently we'd been knocking on the wall of the Elders' bathroom. Awkward.

Another thing I didn't know about going on a mission- Elders and Hermanas are not supposed to high five or fist bump "because it is not professional". Yeah, its weird. We're really trying for exact obedience, so we try really, really hard to not do it, and the other day one of the Elders went to give a high five to one of our Hermanas, and at the last second they both realized what was gonna happen, and they turned it into a handshake. It was fantastic.

On a more Spiritual note- me and my companion are getting much better at teaching lessons. We have two investigators here at the MTC, and we are learning how to bring the Spirit into our lessons and get the point we're trying to teach. Teaching, and teaching in Spanish, is much harder than I thought it was going to be. But I keep striving and I keep becoming a better teacher.

We love to watch a Mormon Message in our Zone, that is so amazing it makes some of the Elders cry. It's called "Because of Him" and I challenge everyone to watch it who can, and tell me what you think.

Keep writing!
Con amor,
Hermana Long

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