Monday, December 29, 2014


But also one of the best :)

Hola Todos!

I wish I had time to write all of the craziness that went down here, but I don't, so I'll just give a few of the top highlights-

1. I had a conversation in Spanish. Now, this is an everyday occurrence, but it is getting slightly easier and less awkward everytime. During a lesson this week, I spent like half an hour talking to the Dad of our investigator. Well, he talked for a long time and I had to try really really hard to understand him. And then he asked me what I had learned, and I had to talk. I managed to put together some sentences that impressed him, tho, cause he seemed satisfied. Meanwhile, a miracle happened...

2. Our investigator, a 17-year old boy, finally committed, like really committed, to baptism. My compa isn't really sure what she said that hit him so hard, but he was finally like "so that means I have to get baptized" and now he's really preparing for baptism, after months and months of teaching!

3. A kinda funny story... I had to talk on the phone! I am so awkward on the phone in English, so I can't even imagine talking on the phone, in a language I barely know, to someone I can't see their facial expressions or hand motions, talking really really fast. But one of the assistants to the presidente called, and I had to talk to him, and I about had a heart attack, because he asked for something really fast that I did not understand, but then he started talking in English, and I was able to respond in Spanish. Even tho it turned out alright, there is no way that I'm repeating that anytime soon.

4. I bought some hard-core abuelita zapatos today! I can't send pictures this week, but next week, you'll be able to see my hard-core grandma shoes. I'm gonna get some gnarly tan lines on my feet. Did you know that there is no word in Spanish for "tan lines"? What do they even talk about in this langauge??? Hair, that's what....

5. I wore my hair down and straightened to church and everyone went CRA-ZY!!!! People were touching it, random people were telling me they liked it, one lady said she thought it was ugly, and then one of the hermanos in the barrio, Brian, said that it looked good, to try to make me feel better, it was just all kinds of awkward (which I finally learned the word for in Español, is "incomodo." the discussion surrounding my hair was muy incomodo!) But I like my hair, and that's all that matters.

Well, that's all for this week! More stories, miracles and pictures next week!
Ciao! Les quiero mucho!!!
Hermana Long

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