Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Family, friends-

Guess what, I'M IN ARGENTINA!!!!!!!

It was a crazy ride getting here, let me tell you! We left the MTC at 6:00 o´dark-hundred-hours. We arrived in Buenos Aires at around 7:00 on Tuesday, after flying thru Altlanta, Georgia.
While on layover in Atlanta, an LDS family at the airport to pick up their returning missionary saw our group, and recognized us as new missionaries just heading out. Understanding what it would mean to our families, they took a pic of us and texted it to each of our families. Yay for technology and kind passersby!
We then took another plane from a different airport in BA, arriving in Bahia Blanca around 9:00 that evening. And then on Thursday night, we took a bus to my area, Balcarce and arrived here the next morning.

I have so much more to write, but I'm out of time. I'm safe, happy, and loving being a missionary.

Con mucho amor DE ARGENTINA,
Hermana Long

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