Monday, December 15, 2014

Happy Week 6, Everybody!

Guess what, It's week 6! That means..... I LEAVE THE MTC ON MONDAY!!!!! Woo-hoo! Argentina, here I come!

It's been another week here at the MTC. Food was as bad and addicting as always. We taught our investigator, Maribel, for the last time. She's such a sweet lady. I'm gonna miss her so much. We also taught another Skype member. That was not as hard this week as it was last week. All I can say is prayer is the best thing ever, and asking people questions about what they love, feel and believe brings the Spirit. I'm excited and nervous to start talking to native Spanish speakers next week. I hope that they will be nice and speak slowly and not laugh at me too much.

We taught our hardest lesson yet- part of the problem was that the teachers did not have enough time to plan what we were doing, but we we're supposed to teach two of the missionaries from the new zone, so Hermana Avery, their teacher, told them to think up an investigator who they know in real life to play. We could have handled that, but then we had to change it to teach a whole family, 4 of the new missionaries. Problem was, they didn't have time to consolidate their families, so they all believed really different things. Then they didn't understand everything we said, because they had only been here a week. And it was just hard. But we got to the end, and it was kinda comforting to know that I can do it. That I can do hard things! I can teach people with really firm, really different beliefs.

Now, something kinda funny- there is another teacher in our district, Hermano Barrett, who teaches us during study block sometimes. He just barely got off his mission, about 4 months ago, in Tijuana, Mexico. Up until a few months ago, we were not his biggest fans. Because he's awkward, both in personality and physically, and kinda strict, and didn't laugh at our jokes (part of being a little awkward and shy) and my compa told him once that she was scared of him. When Hermano Pitcher told us that he was going out of town for Thanksgiving, Hermano Barrett was our sub, and no one was happy about it. But over the last few weeks we spent more time with him, and he's started laughing at our jokes. And now we really like him. And then Hermano Pitcher told us he wasn't gonna be here later in the week and he told us to guess our sub and we all said "HERMANO BARRETT!!!!" He looked at us like we were cray-cray and said, "uh, no Hermano Tuft" who's our other real teacher. It was pretty funny.

My favorite thing about this week was playing four-square. I've decided that it's pretty much my favorite thing ever!! I am actually getting pretty good. And everyone gets so into it. And I'm making new friends. There's one Elder, Elder Galvez, who reminds me of Leo Valdez from Percy Jackson. Every time I see him, that's all I can think about. 

Also, we had Christmas early this year. We had to open all of my compas presents because we're pretty sure that if we took wrapped presents in our suitcases, Argentinian customs workers would steal them. No joke, that's how it works there. There aren't really regulations, but if they see something they like, they'll take it. I hear Argentina is a little bit sketchy. 

And on a language note- the other day I was just thinkin to my self and I realized I was thinkin in Spanish! It was really great. I don't always think in Spanish, but I've gotten to about 50/50.

Well, signing off from the MTC. If things go well, I'll be e-mailing from Argentina next week.
Ciao! Con mucho amor-
Hermana Long

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