Monday, February 22, 2016

18 February 2016

Well, what can i tell you about this week... Last p-day, I decided that I'd waited enough and I was gonna buy a cactus. So i did. His name is Boris. They are all the rage here in Argentina. Also, I bought an oregano plant, and we have enjoyed it on several days, and cilantro seeds, cause there is no cilantro in Argentina. I'm still waiting for them to grow.
We've been working like crazy here in Trenque Lauquen. We've found a really awesome investigator, M, a crazy grandma who's looking for a change. And we've had some interesting lessons. One day we went to visit an ex-investigator named Pascual. We started talking about prophets and he says "Oh, but anyone who shares the word is a prophet. You guys are prophets." And I say "if you go by that definition, yes, but in the scriptures it uses a different definition, that there are holy prophets, called by God, to direct the church." And he says "Well, no, you guys are prophets." And he proceeded to correct us on everything. Well this no, that no, God doesn't do that. Ummm, who are the almost prophets here? But aside from the funny citas, we've had some really good, spiritual citas. We're teaching a woman, Maricel, and her son, Ramiro, who are getting ready to be baptized. She and her husband are gonna get married in the beginning of March and then she and the son are gonna get baptized. The husband's got a lot of doubts, but we're working with him little by little. We had a nice noche de hogar with them and a member family. We watched Jose Smith: Profeta de la Restauración. That's my favorite movie ever! It's the best. And they loved it!

Well, what else happened this week... Oh, yeah, so here they sell little suckers with fake tattoos and I bought some for me and my comp and they stuck out of our shoes and Elder R says to us "Hey, I like your tattoos" right after we said "I hope no one says anything." It was so awkward and funny and it became the theme of the week. 

Well, I'll leave you with a spiritual thought. I don't know if you've been studying very much your Preach my Gospel, or Predicad mi Evangelio, as it's better known, but there's a really great section called "Christ-like attributes" or "attributos semejantes a Cristo". It's super great, I really recommend reading it. But there's one section that says "Diligence". I love this section. There's a line that talks about how the diligence in the work is a sign of our love for the Lord. I'm now in the second to last transfer, a transfer famous for missionaries who don't work or take it super easy. But I love the Lord and I don't want to have a transfer like that. Everyday I put on my shoes and sunscreen and we head out to work. And we keep working. We've been so tired this whole week, but we keep working. Even my sweet, oh so young-in-the-mission comp is tired. But we keep working. Because we love the Lord and understand that we have to use every moment to serve Him. And we're seeing good results. And we're happy with the work we're doing. And I feel like the Lord is happy with my work. And that's the best feeling in the world.

Well, hope you have an awesome week. Love you!!!
Hermana Long

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